Colton Web&ApplicationDevelopment

The Company

We are a team of professionals who provide freelance web design, development and web-applications. Our team are all senior developers and designers with over 6 years of experience designing and building web applications and web sites.

We have worked in London, Sydney and Tel-Aviv on permanent and contract/freelance projects for start-ups and international consultancies.

We have worked on projects across many industries: digital television; CMS; banking; telecoms and social-networks (Facebook and Twitter).

Projects in new industries are always welcome. Please contact us for a guaranteed low-cost quote.


Web site design

We design your site and once you are happy we then build it using standard technologies (HTML, CSS, JQuery, ExtJs etc.). Cross-browser compatibility is also offered since we use 3rd-party javascript libraries and we know all the tricks to make your site look perfect in IE 6, 7, 8, Firefox and others.

Web site and web application development

We build web applications and web sites using Java technologies (Struts, Wicket, Spring, EJB 3, Hibernate, Tomcat, JBoss, Ant). We work on both the server and client. Additional technologies are learnt and employed as required. All code is commented to assist in maintenance and support.


We provide full lifecycle documentation from requirements, analysis, design and testing. We have extensively used UML and IBM's Rational Unified Process (RUP).


Expression Engine v2.1 is used to allow editors to update content. JQuery and cross-browser CSS is also used. Their Facebook fanpage with custom iframe tabs is also maintained.

Provided dynamic reports with resizeable graphs and PDF conversion.

Provided cross-browser website and application web development using CSS, HTML and JQuery.

Provided the web layer of a Mobile Advertising Engine.

Helped build a back-end CMS and front-end templates that allowed brands to create and configure their own Facebook application. iDigital is an example Facebook application.

Built an intranet web application that enabled Telecoms service providers to manage their short-number offerings.

Helped to develop a generic bank payment system for a bank and its corporate customers.

Bar and promotions web-site.

References are available upon request.