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This company is a global provider of IT security solutions. Best known for its firewall and VPN products, Check Point first pioneered the industry with FireWall-1 and its patented stateful inspection technology.

We were responsible for the development of a Javascript and HTML-based framework that provides graphical reports for Checkpoint's customers. The data and layout for each page is read from XML. The layout is highly flexible in size and content. Margins, borders, titling, date and data formats are configurable as well as which graphical widgets are used to display the relevant data. An optional table of Contents is also generated.

Widget types include: Pie Charts, Bar graphs, Line graphs, Filled line graphs, World Maps and complex tables. All widget contents resize if the browser is resized. HTML, CSS and JQuery 1.5.1 were used.

The reports work across IE7/8/9, Firefox 3, Chrome and Safari.

wkhtmltopdf was used to convert what you see in the browser into an equivalent PDF.

Click on the images in the carousel below to view screenshots that showcase different components of the system's UI.

  • A full page with dynamically placed widgets
  • Resizable bar chart
  • All data read from XML
  • Resizable line graph
  • Resizable pie chart
  • Resizable world map