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This company provides a mobile advertising engine that has been licensed via Comverse to numerous telecommunication companies world-wide, including: Singtel (Singapore), Vodafone (Greece), Rogers (Canada) and KyivStar (Ukraine).

We were responsible for the development of the infrastructure of the UI and all its features. Struts 2 was used on the server and HTML, CSS, JQuery 1.3.2 and ExtJS 3.0 on the client. The styling was divided into various levels: base, by browser and by customer. This enabled different customers to easily have a different skin with minimal changes across the required browsers.

UI Widgets ran across IE6/7/8 and Firefox 3 and included: both centralised and linked popups; pie-charts, bar-graphs, calendars, drop-down-menus, stylised buttons, loading icons, modal windows and expandable/collapsible trees. Functionality included: Enabling/disabling submit buttons; auto-detecting form changes; AJAX; floating widgets.

Server infrastructure included: Breadcrumbs; Sorting; Contextual-Help.

Click on the images in the carousel below to view screenshots that showcase different components of the system's UI.

  • Shows complex layout (summary panel floats with scrolling)
  • Linked modal popup - uses ExtJS and JQuery
  • Bar chart via JQuery
  • Modal popup, centralised in the screen
  • Bar chart via JQuery
  • Sub-menus via JQuery
  • Calendar via JQuery
  • Collapsible tree via ExtJS